2018 Standard Rotation

//2018 Standard Rotation

2018 Standard Rotation

The annual Standard Rotation has been announced: the new Standard Format will be the sets XY-BREAKthrough and on, effective September 1, 2017.

This means that Roaring Skies, Ancient Origins, Primal Clash, and the mini set Double Crisis will be leaving the Standard Format to Expanded.

What’s Leaving…

Some cards of note that will be leaving the Standard Format include Shaymin-EX, VS Seeker, Trainers Mail, Lysandre, Forest of Giant Plants, Team Magma’s/Aqua’s Secret Base, Sky Field, Mega Rayquaza-EX, and more.

A Standard Format without Shaymin-EX, Trainers Mail, and VS Seeker seems like it will run a little slower. Thankfully we have Tapu Lele-GX to search for unused Supporters in-deck, but after rotation most decks will probably not want to run one-of supporters, instead including 2-4.

While the format will be losing the popular Lysandre, the upcoming Burning Shadows set includes the similar Guzma supporter. Guzma acts like a Lysandre, bringing an opponent’s Benched Pokemon to the Active (your choice), but it also switches your Active with a Benched Pokemon (like an Escape Rope but the user chooses both Pokemon).

It’s also worth noting that Forest of Giant Plants will be banned in the Expanded Format when rotation occurs, along with the Archeops that prevents evolution. I guess that means no more turn 1 Vileplume item lock in any format.

Burning Shadows Coming Soon

Remember that the Burning Shadows set will be released in the US on August 4, 2017 and will be standard legal in tournaments 3 weeks after release, including for the World Championship.

More Sets Later

After Standard Rotation, we have more sets to look forward to! In addition to an upcoming quarterly expansion set in November–Crimson Invasion–we’ll also be getting a special set (similar to last year’s Generations), called Shining Legends, available in October!

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