Standard Deck Lists

//Standard Deck Lists

These Deck Lists are some popular choices in the current 2016-2017 Standard rotation Format.

The sets in Standard include XY-Primal Clash and newer sets. Standard rotation occurs once a year, following the annual World Championships in the fall.

These Deck Lists are categorized as Tier 1, Tier 2, or Rogue. Affordable Deck Lists may also be listed as Budget Deck List.

23 08, 2017

Tsareena-GX Box: Exclusive Pokemon-GX and Deck List!

By | 2017-08-24T02:57:59+00:00 August 23rd, 2017|Deck Lists, News, Review, Rogue Decks, Standard Deck Lists|0 Comments

Tsareena-GX Box: Get the Exclusive Tsareena-GX! The Tsareena-GX Box includes the following: The exclusive Tsareena-GX promo card, SM56 An over-sized ("jumbo") Tsareena-GX card 4 booster packs (2 Burning Shadows, 2 Guardians Rising) An online code card for Pokemon TCG Online (unlocks Tsareena-GX) This promotional collection box is the only [...]

7 08, 2017

Gardevoir-GX Deck List

By | 2017-08-12T23:12:49+00:00 August 7th, 2017|Deck Lists, Standard Deck Lists, Tier 1|0 Comments

One of the most hyped decks is here (and it's a fan-favorite Pokemon): Gardevoir-GX! You should be able to remember the sheer strength of last season's Mega Mewtwo Y-EX. M Mewtwo's Psychic Infinity for a DCE did 10+ 30x the energy attached to both Active Pokemon. Gardevoir-GX's attack Infinite Force for [...]

6 08, 2017

Metagross-GX Deck List

By | 2017-08-12T23:12:38+00:00 August 6th, 2017|Deck Lists, Standard Deck Lists, Tier 2|0 Comments

Looking for a powerful deck featuring a tank that can consistently deal heavy damage and deny prizes by abusing Max Potion? Try Metagross-GX! Metagross-GX main attack, Giga Hammer, does 150 damage (180 with Choice Band--enough to OHKO a Tapu Lele/Bulu/Koko/Fini, Darkrai, Necrozma, and more). As with most other GX's main, powerful [...]

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