In-Game Shop: Evolutions Boosters, Theme Decks, and Bundle!

//In-Game Shop: Evolutions Boosters, Theme Decks, and Bundle!

In-Game Shop: Evolutions Boosters, Theme Decks, and Bundle!

XY-Evolutions is Now in the Shop!

That’s right! Shortly after the November 2 maintenance update (as of about 10:15 AM PDT) XY-Evolutions is now available in the In-Game Shop!

Evolutions boosters are available for 200 tokens, the Theme Decks Pikachu Power and Mewtwo Mayhem are available for 500 tokens each. Also, we have a new Shop Bundle featuring either Greninja or Weezing for 250 tokens!

XY-Evolutions In the Shop

Evolutions Booster Packs

You can now spend tokens to build up your XY-Evolutions collection! Check out the full set list of XY-Evolutions to see all possible cards.

As always, boosters and other items purchased in the Shop using tokens are locked and can’t be traded.

You can earn unlocked Evolutions Boosters by participating in Tournaments (read the Getting Started Guide for more info about Tournaments), as well as by redeeming Evolutions Codes from physical products.

First Evo Pack Opening

Theme Decks: Pikachu Power & Mewtwo Mayhem

Both Theme Decks, Pikachu Power and Mewtwo Mayhem are now available in the Shop for 500 tokens each.

Like usual, both Theme Decks include some exclusive cards, like the Holofoil Pikachu, Holofoil Mewtwo, and non-Holo versions of Magneton and Hitmonchan. Both Theme Decks also include a Chansey coin as an homage to the very first Base Set Theme Decks! Pikachu Power has a silver Chansey Coin while Mewtwo Mayhem has a pink/purple Chansey Coin.

Be sure to check out the recently updated pages for Pikachu Power and Mewtwo Mayhem for more details, including images and complete deck lists.


Theme Deck Mini-Review

As far as playability in the Theme Format, both decks are rather mediocre.

Mewtwo Mayhem may have the edge, having both Mewtwo and Nidoking as strong Psychic-type attackers along with Hitmonchan and Machoke (but no Machamp).

Pikachu Power has Raichu and Beedrill (but only 2 copies of each, so Beedrill’s attack is maxed out at 80 damage) and Magneton as a backup attacker.

Both decks have equally mediocre Supporters and Trainer Cards. Both include Professor Oak’s Hint (which ends your turn immediately after use), Pokemon Fan Club, and Tierno (x2). Pikachu Power also includes Pokemon Center Lady. For other Trainers, both have Energy Retrieval, Poke Ball, Professor’s Letter, and Switch. Pikachu Power also includes Evosoda and Revive. Mewtwo Mayhem has Great Ball and Potion.

However, I’d definitely pick up both copies to not only add to your collection (for the Chansey Coins and Deck Exclusive Cards) but to play them in the Trainers Challenge for an additional 2 Evolutions Boosters.

Pikachu Power Overview
Mewtwo Mayhem Overview

Shop Bundle: Greninja Or Weezing Evolutions Blister

This week’s limited-time Shop Bundle is an Evolutions Blister! This bundle includes:

  • 1 Promo Pokemon Card of either Greninja OR Weezing
  • 1 Silver Froakie Coin
  • 1 XY-Evolutions Booster (locked)

This Bundle is available for only 250 tokens. No word yet on how long this bundle will be available, but I’d guess until around November 16, 2016.

Update: Apparently the description for this bundle has a typo. This bundle only gives the Grininja Promo, XY162, the Evolutions Booster and Silver Froakie Coin, according to reports posted on Reddit. This card has the moves Aqua Shower and Dual Cut (not nearly as playable as Shadow Stitching or Water Shuriken Greninja).

I’d recommend getting one or two copies of this bundle, especially if you’re planning on spending tokens on Evolutions boosters anyway. After all, for just an extra 50 tokens you’re getting a nice Froakie coin and a promo card.

The downside is that which card you get is random. Maybe buy a few until you get at least one of both? Up to you. 😀

What Do You Think?

Pumped about getting Evolutions boosters? Planning on getting the Theme Decks?

What did you pull? Drop a comment below!

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