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Legacy Deck List: Tool Drop

It’s still Legacy Week and to help trainers looking to get into the format, here’s probably the cheapest Legacy deck. Tool Drop Trubbish can do massive damage with little effort, and it’s very easy to make!

Tool Drop Strategy

The Core Pokemon

The main attacker of this deck is Trubbish with the Tool Drop attack.

At first glace you’ll notice the attack only does 20x the number of tools, and since Pokemon can only have 1 tool for up to 6 Pokemon, this attack would normally max out pretty low. However, there’s another Pokemon that allows you to attach far more tools. As an added bonus, this attack counts your opponent’s tools as well.


Tool Drop Trubbish


Toolbox Sigilyph

[P][C] Tool Drop 20x
Does 20 damage for each Pokemon Tool card attached to Pokemon in play (both yours and your opponent’s).

Ability: Toolbox
This Pokemon may have up to 4 Pokemon Tool cards attached to it. (If this Pokemon loses this Ability, discard Pokemon Tool cards attached to this Pokemon until only 1 Pokemon Tool card remains.)

Obviously this deck wouldn’t work well without Sigilyph, whose Toolbox ability allows each one to have up to 4 Tools attached. If you have just 2 Sigilyphs on your bench, that’s at least 8 Tools, plus your Active Trubbish and any other Pokemon in play!

Another very helpful Pokemon is this deck is Masquerain from Plasma Blast. Masquerain has an ability that allows you to put Tool cards attached to your Pokemon back into your hand. You can take off a Trubbish or Sigilyph’s tool and reattach them however you’d like, as often as you’d like per turn. Perfect! The only downside is that Masquerain is a Stage 1 Pokemon, so you’ll need to evolve it from Surskit first.

Another fantastic tech-in Pokemon is Smeargle (from Call of Legends). Smeargle’s ability “Portrait” is what makes it so great.

Once per turn if Smeargle is your Active Pokemon, you may look at your opponent’s hand and choose a Supporter card. You can use that Supporter’s card effect as this Pokemon’s ability, such as a Juniper, Professor Oak’s new Theory, Colress, or whatever else they may have in-hand. That doesn’t use your Supporter for the turn either, so you can use one before or after, and then switch out and attack!

Basic Strategy


The basic strategy of this deck is to first bench some Trubbish (ideally 2, or 1 if in Active), some Sigilyph (again 2), and a Surskit. Attach your tools to Sigilyph, an energy to a Trubbish, and an EXP Share to your benched Trubbish. Get Smeargle as your active to use its Portrait ability and possibly an extra supporter each turn.

It only takes two energy for a Trubbish to attack, and it can easily do 200+ damage to OHKO any Pokemon in Legacy. For 200 damage, you just need 10 tools. If you have 2 Sigilyphs, they can each hold 4, plus the active and any of your other Benched Pokemon, let alone if your opponent is using any Tools.

Our deck list shown here includes 16 Tool cards!

Using Tools in Tools Drop

Once you evolve Surskit into Masquerain, you can freely swap around Float Stones, EXP Share to conserve energy and have a Trubbish powered-up each turn, and Eviolite, Silver Bangles, Silver Mirrors to the active Trubbish.

Eviolite reduces damage done to Trubbish by 20 (since it’s a Basic Pokemon). Silver Bangles increase damage done by 30 if the opponent’s Active is an -EX. Silver Mirrors make Trubbish immune to damage done by Team Plasma Pokemon. Also helpful is your 1 Ace Spec Life Dew, which prevents the opponent from taking a prize card if Trubbish is KO’d. Finally, if none of those tools will help, Rescue Scarf allows Trubbish to be brought back into your hand after it’s KO’d.

Tool Drop Strengths and Weaknesses


Tool Drop can easily OHKO any Pokemon in the Legacy Format. These HeartGold & SoulSilver- and Black & White-era Pokemon don’t have massive HP (or attacks) like modern Mega Pokemon-EX.

Trubbish also isn’t an -EX worth 2 prizes, so against Pokemon-EX you’re definitely favored in the prize exchange. Using Life Dew can also deny your opponent a prize, too.

Trubbish only needs 2 energy to attack, and by smartly using EXP Share once one goes down you can have a little army of Trubbish ready to go. Late-game if you’re all out of Trubbish, you can also bring them back with Super Rod, or even use Sigilyph as a backup attacker (70 base damage for 3 energies). Hopefully you’ve managed to recycle nearly all of your energy by using 2 or more EXP share to have each one brought back to the Bench.


Obviously any way that your opponent can discard tools is a problem. Fortunately there’s no Startling Megaphone in the Legacy Format, which would just ruin your day. There is Tool Scrapper, which would allow your opponent to pick 2 Tools (yours or theirs) and discard them. Obviously not ideal, but if too many or the right Tools get discarded, you can bring them back with Junk Arm.

Unfortunately Eco Arm isn’t in Legacy, either.

Trubbish also a psychic weakness, and can be tough in the mirror match. Not to mention it only has 70 HP.

Virbank City Gym + Hypnotoxic Laser combo is easily deadly for the little Trubbish.

Garbodor’s Garbotoxin ability that shuts off other Abilities can really hurt, too. Fortunately Garbodor isn’t nearly as popular in Legacy as it is in Standard. For this reason (and the mirror match) I recommend bringing along at least 1 Tool Scrapper of your own.

There’s not a whole lot of draw support, and Smeargle’s success depends on that he’s not prized (only 1 copy), that you can find him, and that your opponent has a Supporter in-hand.

Weavile/Eggs is probably the best Legacy Deck, but isn’t always used in Tournaments as time is huge constraint. However, Weavile/Eggs is also a 1 prize attacker that can pose a challenge.

Watch it in Action

Here’s a fantastic video from Twitch Streamer and Youtuber YellowSwellow using Tool Drop in the Legacy Format.


Budget Legacy Tool Drop Deck List

Here’s an example Tool Drop Deck List brought to you by YellowSwellow.

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon – 14

* 1 Smeargle CL 21
* 2 Surskit PLB 1
* 2 Masquerain PLB 2
* 1 Mr. Mime PLF 47
* 4 Sigilyph PLB 41
* 4 Trubbish PLS 65

##Trainer Cards – 38

* 3 Bicycle PLS 117
* 1 Super Rod BKT 149
* 3 Professor Oak’s New Theory HS 101
* 2 Rescue Scarf DRX 115
* 1 Pokémon Catcher EPO 95
* 4 Professor Juniper PLF 116
* 2 Junk Arm TM 87
* 2 Eviolite NVI 91
* 4 Level Ball AOR 76
* 2 Silver Bangle PLB 88
* 2 N FAC 105
* 3 Float Stone BKT 137
* 1 Life Dew PLF 107
* 1 Random Receiver DEX 99
* 4 Exp. Share PRC 128
* 3 Silver Mirror PLB 89

##Energy – 8

* 8 Psychic Energy XYEnergy 8

Total Cards – 60

****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online www.pokemon.com/TCGO ******


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