(Triumphant)– Call of Legends –(Black & White)

Call of Legends Set Details

Call of Legends Set List

1Clefable ColorlessRare Holo
2Deoxys PsychicRare Holo
3Dialga MetalRare Holo
4Espeon PsychicRare Holo
5Forretress MetalRare Holo
6Groudon FightingRare Holo
7Gyarados WaterRare Holo
8Hitmontop FightingRare Holo
9Ho-Oh FireRare Holo
10Houndoom DarknessRare Holo
11Jirachi PsychicRare Holo
12Kyogre WaterRare Holo
13Leafeon GrassRare Holo
14Lucario FightingRare Holo
15Lugia WaterRare Holo
16Magmortar FireRare Holo
17Ninetales FireRare Holo
18Pachirisu LightningRare Holo
19Palkia WaterRare Holo
20Rayquaza ColorlessRare Holo
21Smeargle ColorlessRare Holo
22Umbreon DarknessRare Holo
23Ampharos LightningRare
24Cleffa ColorlessRare
25Feraligatr WaterRare
26Granbull ColorlessRare
27Meganium GrassRare
28Mismagius PsychicRare
29Mr. Mime PsychicRare
30Pidgeot ColorlessRare
31Skarmory MetalRare
32Slowking PsychicRare
33Snorlax ColorlessRare
34Tangrowth GrassRare
35Typhlosion FireRare
36Tyrogue FightingRare
37Ursaring ColorlessRare
38Weezing PsychicRare
39Zangoose ColorlessRare
40Bayleef GrassUncommon
41Croconaw WaterUncommon
42Donphan FightingUncommon
43Flaaffy LightningUncommon
44Flareon FireUncommon
45Jolteon LightningUncommon
46Magby FireUncommon
47Mime Jr. PsychicUncommon
48Pidgeotto ColorlessUncommon
49Quilava FireUncommon
50Riolu FightingUncommon
51Seviper PsychicUncommon
52Vaporeon WaterUncommon
53Chikorita GrassCommon
54Clefairy ColorlessCommon
55Cyndaquil FireCommon
56Eevee ColorlessCommon
57Hitmonchan FightingCommon
58Hitmonlee FightingCommon
59Houndour DarknessCommon
60Koffing PsychicCommon
61Magikarp WaterCommon
62Magmar FireCommon
63Mareep LightningCommon
64Mawile MetalCommon
65Misdreavus PsychicCommon
66Phanpy FightingCommon
67Pidgey ColorlessCommon
68Pineco GrassCommon
69Relicanth WaterCommon
70Slowpoke WaterCommon
71Snubbull ColorlessCommon
72Tangela GrassCommon
73Teddiursa ColorlessCommon
74Totodile WaterCommon
75Vulpix FireCommon
76Cheerleader's Cheer SuUncommon
77Copycat SuUncommon
78Dual Ball ItUncommon
79Interviewer's Questions SuUncommon
80Lost Remover ItUncommon
81Lost World StUncommon
82Professor Elm's Training Method SuUncommon
83Professor Oak's New Theory SuUncommon
84Research Record ItUncommon
85Sage's Training SuUncommon
86Darkness Energy (Special) EnergyUncommon
87Metal Energy (Special) EnergyUncommon
88Grass Energy EnergyCommon
89Fire Energy EnergyCommon
90Water Energy EnergyCommon
91Lightning Energy EnergyCommon
92Psychic Energy EnergyCommon
93Fighting Energy EnergyCommon
94Darkness Energy (Basic) EnergyCommon
95Metal Energy (Basic) EnergyCommon
SL01Deoxys PsychicSecret Rare
SL02Dialga MetalSecret Rare
SL03Entei FireSecret Rare
SL04Groudon FightingSecret Rare
SL05Ho-Oh FireSecret Rare
SL06Kyogre WaterSecret Rare
SL07Lugia WaterSecret Rare
SL08Palkia WaterSecret Rare
SL09Raikou LightningSecret Rare
SL10Rayquaza ColorlessSecret Rare
SL11Suicune WaterSecret Rare