PTCGOhub: Adding More Content, Expansion Set Lists and Card Images

//PTCGOhub: Adding More Content, Expansion Set Lists and Card Images

PTCGOhub: Adding More Content, Expansion Set Lists and Card Images

Just an update to let everyone know that more content has been added, and there’s plenty more to come!

Expansion Set Lists

I’ve taken a short break from adding some popular deck lists and instead am starting to add pages for each of the Expansion Sets. So far, the full set lists from XY-Kalos Starter Set to XY-Steam Siege have been added, along with over 100 cards from XY-Evolutions.

Also, all the revealed card images from the first Sun & Moon set have been added.

Card Images

On these Expansion Set pages you’ll see a full list of all available cards and to view the card images themselves, simply hover over the card name! You can also click the name to open the image in a new page. Check out the full list of all expansion sets, too.

So far almost all the card images from the Kalos Starter Set to Evolutions have been added, well over 1,000 cards! The details for the expansion sets are coming soon, as well as all of the Black & White sets and the Call of Legends / HeartGold & SoulSilver sets . Whew!

Theme Deck Lists

You may notice that I’ve added many of the available Theme Deck lists, too. Currently, the Theme Decks from XY-BREAKthrough to XY-Steam Siege are up, as well as the three online-exclusive Theme Decks and the two HS-Unleashed ones. More Theme Decks, card images, and analyses are coming later.

I’ve also updated the Staple Card List with more details, so check it out!

Let me know what you’d like to see more of and I’ll get on it 😀

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