Theme Deck: Born of Fire (Online)

Theme Deck: Born of Fire (Online)

Born of FireThe Born of Fire Theme Deck, along with Crushing Current and Hidden Depths, are the 3 starter Theme Decks for the Pokemon TCG Online.

These Decks are online exclusive and are not available in physical form.

Born of Fire focuses on the type Fire.

The main attackers of Born of Fire are the Fire-type Moltres and Arcanine. Backup attackers and Support Pokemon include Rapidash, Ninetales, Persian, and Snorlax.

Supporters include Giovanni’s Scheme (x1), Judge (x1), Lysandre (x1), Professor Sycamore (x2), and Steven (x2).

For Stadiums, this deck includes one copy of Scorched Earth.

Other Trainers include Energy Retrieval (x2), Fresh Water Set (x1), Level Ball (x2), Poke Ball (x1), Town Map (x1), Exp Share (x2), and Weakness Policy (x1).

This deck also includes 2 Burning Energy and 19 Fire Energy.

Born of Fire Deck List

Theme Deck: Born of Fire (Online)

2Energy RetrievalItUncommon
2Exp. ShareItUncommon
1Fresh Water SetItUncommon
1Giovanni's SchemeSuUncommon
2Level BallItUncommon
1Poke BallItUncommon
2Professor SycamoreSuUncommon
1Scorched EarthStUncommon
2Steven SuUncommon
1Town MapItUncommon
1Weakness PolicyItUncommon
2Burning EnergyFire-
19Fire EnergyFire-
This Theme Deck is a Pokemon TCG Online Exclusive. It is one of 3 Theme Decks unlocked gradually by playing against AI trainers in the Trainers Challenge. Win against 7 trainers to fully unlock this deck.
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