Theme Deck: Steel Sentinel (HS-Unleashed)

Theme Deck: Steel Sentinel (HS-Unleashed)



The Steel Sentinel Theme Deck, along with Chaos Control, were released with the HS-Unleashed set.

Steel Sentinel focuses on the types GrassFightingMetal.

In the Pokemon TCG Online, this Theme Deck is no longer available in the shop but was released as a special, limited-time promotional offer for 500 tokens from October 19, 2016 – November 1, 2016.

The HS-Unleashed Theme Decks Chaos Control and Steel Sentinel were temporarily removed from the Shop shortly after they were added. This was due to a bug where some users did not receive the proper coin for these Theme Decks.


The Theme Decks will likely be brought back to the shop in November.

This Theme Deck contains cards that can be used to make decks in the Legacy Format, or can be played as-is in the Theme Format.

Exclusive Cards

The Rare, Holofoil version of Steelix is exclusive to this Theme

Theme Deck: Steel Sentinel (HS-Unleashed)

1SteelixMetalRare Holo
2Energy ReturnerTrUncommon
2Life HerbTrUncommon
2Cheerleader's CheerSuUncommon
1Poke BallTrUncommon
12Grass EnergyGrassCommon
9Fighting EnergyFightingCommon
3Metal EnergyMetalCommon
The best offense is a strong defense when you play the Steel Sentinel theme deck! Steelix's Guard Press attack reduces the damage your opponent can do...Cherrim's Sunny Heal Poké-Power heals your Active Pokémon turn after turn...Life Herb can do wonders to help your Pokémon last longer...and even Turtwig's Leech Seed attack heals Turtwig whenever it does damage to your opponent's Pokémon! Can you stand strong against all attackers?
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