Welcome to PTCGOhub.com!

//Welcome to PTCGOhub.com!

Welcome to PTCGOhub.com!


Hello and Welcome to Pokemon TCG Online Hub.com!

I’m in the process of launching this site as full resource to playing the Pokemon TCG Online, as well as for the physical TCG.

I’ve noticed that not too many sites place an emphasis on playing the online game, and that’s a shame! Anyone and everyone who’s a fan of Pokemon should try out the TCG Online. It’s a completely free game that allows you to collect, trade, and play against players all around the world, anytime.

If you primarily play only the physical TCG, the TCG Online can still be a great resource to try out new decks and strategies before playing in your local league or entering in a tournament.

This site will post any notable news in the Pokemon TCG world (with an emphasis on the TCG Online), as well as popular deck lists in the Standard format (and occasionally some Expanded and Legacy deck lists). I’ve also recently added a series of guides that are very comprehensive.

Getting Started Guides

These Getting Started guides first explain the basics and rules of the game, then how to earn the various rewards in the TCG Online (tokens, tickets, boosters), then an overview and recap with a focus on earning unlocked boosters, and finally an overview on building your own competitive decks.

Check out the Getting Started guides:

  1. Getting Started: The Basics (Pokemon TCG Rules)
  2. How to Earn Tokens, Tickets, and Boosters in Pokemon TCG Online
  3. Beginner’s Overview: Earning Unlocked Boosters
  4. How to Build Competitive Decks

What’s Next?

After you’ve finished those guides, check out the Staple card list, popular Deck Lists, the full list of all Expansion sets, and some info About Me.

Keep on checking back to get more news, info, guides, and deck lists! Feel free to comment on any page or post with your thoughts–I’d love to hear what you think!


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About the Author:

Lincoln is the creator of PTCGOhub.com and is an avid Pokemon fan. Lincoln has enjoyed the video game series starting with Pokemon Yellow, and a fan of the Pokemon Trading Card Game since the original Base Set.

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