Double Crisis (mini set)

(Primal ClashDouble Crisis (Roaring Skies)

Double Crisis Set Details

Double Crisis (DBC or DC) is a special, subset released during the XY Series, shortly after the release of XY-Primal Clash. This set features the opposing, villainous teams Team Magma and Team Aqua from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Double Crisis was released on March 25, 2015 (US), reintroducing the Owners Card mechanic.

Cards in Double Crisis

Double Crisis contains only 34 cards, including 2 Pokemon-EX.


  • Team Aquas Kyogre-EX
  • Team Magmas Groudon-EX


  • Team Aqua Admin
  • Team Aqua Grunt
  • Team Magma Admin
  • Team Magma Grunt

Other Trainers / Special Energy

  • Aqua Diffuser
  • Magma Pointer
  • Team Aquas Great Ball
  • Team Aquas Secret Base
  • Team Magmas Great Ball
  • Team Magmas Secret Base
  • Double Aqua Energy
  • Double Magma Energy

Double Crisis Set List

1Team Magma’s Numel
2Team Magma’s Camerupt
3Team Aqua’s Spheal
4Team Aqua’s Sealeo
5Team Aqua’s Walrein
6Team Aqua’s KyogreEX
7Team Aqua’s Grimer
8Team Aqua’s Muk
9Team Aqua’s Seviper
10Team Magma’s Baltoy
11Team Magma’s Claydol
12Team Magma’s Aron
13Team Magma’s Lairon
14Team Magma’s Aggron
15Team Magma’s GroudonEX
16Team Aqua’s Poochyena
17Team Magma’s Poochyena
18Team Aqua’s Mightyena
19Team Magma’s Mightyena
20Team Aqua’s Carvanha
21Team Aqua’s Sharpedo
22Team Magma’s Zangoose
23Aqua DiffuserIt
24Magma PointerIt
25Team Aqua AdminSu
26Team Aqua GruntSu
27Team Aqua’s Great BallIt
28Team Aqua’s Secret BaseSt
29Team Magma AdminSu
30Team Magma GruntSu
31Team Magma’s Great BallIt
32Team Magma’s Secret BaseSt
33Double Aqua EnergyEnergy
34Double Magma EnergyEnergy
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