In-Game Shop: No Bundles or HS-Unleashed Theme Decks This Week

No New Bundles this Week?

That’s right, this week don’t expect any new Shop Bundles or the return of the HS-Unleashed Theme Decks, Chaos Control and Steel Sentinel.

In a recently published official forum post, the staff at the Pokemon TCG Online state that they’re focusing their resources on the addition of the XY-Evolutions set and the v2.40 update, still planned for release next week on Monday, October 31.

Normally new Shop Bundles are added every week on Wednesday. These Bundles vary in contents and normally are only available for 3 weeks. Lately, these bundles have been focusing on cards that can be used in the Legacy Format.

Shop Bundles and the Legacy Format

As you may know, there haven’t been many players in Legacy (cards from HeartGold & SoulSilver through Black & White-Legendary Treasures) and wait times for Versus and in Tournaments can be quite long.

To help new players get involved in the Legacy Format, Pokemon TCG Online have been releasing Legacy-Themed shop bundles.

October 5: BW-Genesect and HeartGold & SoulSilver Theme Decks

This started a few weeks ago on October 5 with the release of the BW-Genesect Bundle, which contained 3 Black & White-Plasma Blast boosters and a Promo Genesect. Also released were the HeartGold & SoulSilver base set boosters and the HeartGold & SoulSilver Theme Decks: Growth ClashEmber Spark, and Mind Flood.

October 11: HS-Unleashed Feraligatr

A week later, on October 11, more Legacy Bundles were released, including the HS-Unleashed/Feraligatr Bundle which included Feraligatr Promo and 3 HS-Unleashed boosters.

October 18: HS-Unleashed Theme Decks… Then Gone!

Last week, on October 18, two more bundles were released, this time featuring Standard sets (Steam Siege and Ancient Origins) and Halloween-Themed Deck Boxes and Sleeves for Noivern and Sableye.

For Legacy cards, HS-Unleashed boosters and the Theme Decks from HS-Unleashed, Chaos Control and Steel Sentinel, were released. However, due to a bug where some players weren’t receiving the proper coin (or a coin at all), the Theme Decks were quickly pulled from the Shop.

HS-Unleashed: Chaos Control & Steel Sentinel Status

Initially, it was planned for the HS-Unleashed Theme Decks to be back on the Shop by October 25; however, with today’s announcement it seems that they’ve been pushed back until “later in November” and after the v2.40 update. Don’t be too upset by this delay.

This means that the developers and the rest of the TCGO staff are working hard to ensure a timely release of the new update. Also, after the update is released on October 31, the team will be free to focus on other new content and bug fixes, including these Legacy Theme Decks.

“Later in November” might be vague (and the “later” was likely referring to “after the 2.40 update”), but I’d wager that the Theme Decks will be back in early November, probably on Wednesday, November 9th, or so.

Lastly for the HS-Unleashed Theme Decks: while I definitely plan on picking both of these up for my collection, remember that they’re not the best Theme Decks around. Typically these older Theme Decks are weaker and play worse than the modern Theme Decks. They also don’t include any real Legacy Staples that you’ll be sorry to miss out on, either.

Still, adding them for collection’s sake is always a good idea–and you’ll also get a neat coin, too. You can also play them in the Trainers Challenge to pick up 2 extra HS-Unleashed boosters.

The Next In-Game Shop Bundle

The new and yet-unknown next Shop Bundle (that would have been released today) is being pushed back to the same day as the v2.40 update–Monday, October 31.

Not only will we have the new update and XY-Evolutions to look forward to, but another new Shop Bundle as well!

Versus Ladder Change in v2.40

It was also recently announced that the appearance of the Versus Ladder is being changed in the v2.40 update.

Instead of displaying a long ladder of rewards that has to “scroll” (and can add a lengthy animation after each game), the versus ladder will be shown as three separate parts. Each part can be viewed by clicking a small tab-like button, showing one, two, or three stars.

Update: Apparently players won’t be able to view rewards for higher stages until they’ve earned enough Versus Points. This would be a major setback for players looking to quickly see what the rewards are–you’ll have to visit an external website to see what’s next. Thanks to OU7C4ST for the clarification.

The first section of the ladder will be shown while you have less than 210 Versus Points.

The second section of the ladder will be shown once you have 210 Versus Points, up to 690.

The last section of the ladder will be shown once you reach 690 Versus Points and until the ladder resets.

Personally, I like the subtle change as it should stop that “auto-scrolling” animation once you get far up the ladder. Keep in mind that the structure and contents of the Versus Ladder aren’t changing–just the way it looks.

What do You Think?

Are you disappointed in the delay of a new Shop Bundle? How about Chaos Control and Steel Sentinel–still waiting for ’em?

Looking forward to XY-Evolutions and the v2.40 update?

How do you like the look of the new Versus Ladder? Drop a comment below!


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