New Pokemon Game: Pokemon Eclipse (US Exclusive)

A new Pokemon game and adventure is coming very soon Pokemon Eclipse!

This game (in a rare twist) will be an exclusive to trainers in the United States (with trainers in Canada and Mexico able to get partial release), coming tomorrow, Monday, August 21, 2017!

This game has a timed release, first hitting the West Coast in Oregon/Washington state in the morning, with the release expanding through the country until leaving South Carolina.

For this Pokemon release, Solgaleo and Lunala will battle it out and for a time become one never-before-seen hybrid beast!

To check when Pokemon Eclipse will be coming to a place near you, check out this map provided by the scientists at the Aether Foundation (NASA Division). For a more detailed analysis of your location and the exact times of the release, check out this interactive map.

CAUTION: When playing this Pokemon game, do not look directly at Solgaleo as its Sol Burst-GX attack can cause serious damage to your eyes! Be sure to come prepared with proper eye protection!

Gotcha! No Pokemon Eclipse game, but be sure to check out this fantastic phenomenon if you can.


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