Pokemon TCG Online: Getting Started Guides

Getting Started Guides

Just a reminderespecially to new players, that there are some very comprehensive Getting Started guides to help anyone to play the Pokemon TCG Online!

These Getting Started guides first explain the basics and rules of the game, then how to earn the various rewards in the TCG Online (tokens, tickets, boosters), then an overview and recap with a focus on earning unlocked boosters, and finally an overview on building your own competitive decks.

Check out the Getting Started guides:

  • Getting Started: The Basics (Pokemon TCG Rules)
  • How to Earn Tokens, Tickets, and Boosters in Pokemon TCG Online
  • Beginner’s Overview: Earning Unlocked Boosters
  • How to Build Competitive Decks

Dont forget to check out the Staple card list and some of the popular Deck Lists, as well!

Feel free to comment on any of the Getting Started guides (or anywhere else) if you have any questions. Ill do my best to help!

Have fun and good luck!


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