Pokemon TCG Online v 2.40 Update: XY-Evolutions and More!

Pokemon TCG Online version 2.40 Update

A new update to the Pokemon TCG Online is coming soon: version 2.40. With this new version comes the launch of the XY-Evolutions set, an updated Trainers Challenge, Theme Deck trading, Bug Fixes, and more.

The 2.40 client update is expected to launch on Monday, October 31, 2016.

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Pokemon TCG Online v 2.40 Update: XY-Evolutions and More!

Keep in mind that while XY-Evolutions will be added to the game at that time, youll have to wait until its official launch to redeem Evolutions booster codes or buy the boosters and new Theme Decks from the shop.

Evolutions is a reimagining of the very first Base Set released in 1999. Many of the cards use the same art and designs but with updated stats and moves to fit in with the modern TCG era.

Check out the XY-Evolutions page for more details and a listing of revealed cards, or read about the different XY-Evolutions products available for pre-order.

Update 10/23: The XY-Evolutions page has been updated to include the full set list of all 113 cards and most card images (currently missing 10 images).

XY-Evolutions launches on Wednesday, November 2, 2016.

Trainers Challenge Update

Pokemon TCG Online v 2.40 Update: XY-Evolutions and More!

The Trainers Challenge is being redesigned to fit in more with the changes made in the last update.

Most importantly, the 4-starring system has been simplified. Instead of earning points to get a star, now youll receive a star for each different Theme Deck you use to beat the Trainer. No more points!

Also (and perhaps to the dismay of some players) the difficulty option has been removed. Now the difficulty gradually increases with each star you earn.

Trainers Challenge Rewards Overview

The rewards stay the same as before and your progress will carry over. (No getting more boosters if youve already earned them.)

  • 4-star a trainer for a random, locked booster pack
  • 4-star each trainer in a league for 3 more random, locked booster packs
  • Win 7 times with a provided Theme Deck (Crushing Current, Hidden Depths, Born of Fire) to fully unlock it.
  • Win 12 times with other Theme Decks (redeemed with code or bought from Shop) for a locked booster pack from that sets expansion.

Theme Deck Auto-Open and Trading

Now whenever you buy a new Theme Deck from the Shop or redeem a code for a Theme Deck, it will open automatically and be added to your collection. Previously you had to go to your collection and manually open it before it could be used. Theme Decks will only Auto-Open if its the first time you obtain them. Subsequent redemptions will remain unopened.

Unopened and unlocked Theme Decks may also be traded in public and private trades with this update.

Remember that only items redeemed with a code from a physical product (or from the Shop using Gems in Canada) are able to be traded. If you buy a Theme Deck with tokens, its locked and is never able to be traded.

Combined with the Auto-Open feature youll have to remember that if you want to be able to trade your Theme Deck that you redeemed from a physical code, youll first need to buy one from the Shop using tokens. That way youll have a locked version for your collection and can trade the second, unopened and unlocked copy.

Bug Fixes: Volcanion-EX and more

Pokemon TCG Online v 2.40 Update: XY-Evolutions and More!

Theres a slew of bug fixes slated to be included with this update.

Most notable is the Volcanion-EX bug, which was recently banned as players were able to use Volcanic Heat more than they should.

Other bug fixes include:

  • Magearna-EX: Mewtwo-EXs Damage Change has no effect when Magearna-EXs ability is in use.
  • Flareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon (AOR): Ancient Trait Theta Stop Pokemon do not receive the additional Fire/Lightning/Water type from these Pokemons abilities (Golurk).
  • Exp. Share: does not function correctly when multiple copies are in play.
  • Clawitzer: Mega Boost is not properly disabled when the opponent uses Giratina-EXs Chaos Wheel.
  • Yveltal: the Fright Night ability is not always removed when Yveltal is moved to the Bench.
  • and more. Read the full forum post.

HS-Unleashed Theme Decks Temporarily Removed

Also worth noting is that the HS-Unleashed Theme Decks Chaos Control and Steel Sentinel were temporarily removed from the Shop shortly after they were added.

This was due to a bug where some users did not receive the proper coin for these Theme Decks.

The Theme Decks will likely be brought back to the shop by Tuesday, October 25, 2016. Their availability on the Shop will also likely be extended.

so Dont Panic! ?

What do you Think?

How do you feel about these changes? Excited for XY-Evolutions? Like the new Trainers Challenge and ability to trade Theme Decks?

Anxious to use Volcanion-EX again or get the Chaos Control/Steel Sentinel decks?

Drop a comment below!

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