Shining Legends: Elite Trainer Box and Collections!

The first product images for the English products of the Shining Legends set have arrived!

First is the Elite Trainer Box for Shining Legends, featuring Shining Ho-Oh.

Despite the picture above showing only eight booster packs, Shining Legends ETB will include ten booster packs over the regular eight (just like Generations). The box will also include a promo foil Shining Ho-Oh card, and as usual a tournament legal coin-flip die, damage counter dice, poison/burn markers, GX marker, card sleeves (featuring Shining Ho-Oh), 4 card separators, and the trainer box itself sporting Shining Ho-Oh.

Because this product has an additional two booster packs and a foil promo card, it will be priced at $49.99 (USD) instead of the regular $34.99 (USD). The question is: are the two booster packs and single promo card worth the additional $15? Pricing a booster pack at $3-4 each, that would mean the foil Shining Ho-Oh needs to be worth at least $7-9, which it probably isnt.

Keep in mind that Shining Legends cards will not be available as individual booster packs or in booster boxes. Shining Legends cards will only be available in the Elite Trainer Box and in Collection Boxes.

Also revealed are the Mewtwo and Pikachu Pin Collection Boxes. These collections feature currently unreleased (in Japan) Shining Legends promo cards.

In addition to the promo card, theyll include a pin and three Shining Legends booster packs. Theyll both retail for $15.99 (USD) and become available in early October.


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