Special Set: Shining Legends Card List!

With Burning Shadows recently released, its already time for another setactually two!

In addition to the regular, quarterly expansion sets, Shining Legends will be released as a special (in-between) set this October. The next regular set will be Sun & Moon Crimson Invasion, releasing in November (US).

First, theres a couple things to note about this set. Normally in Japan sets are smaller than those released in the US, and normally released in pairs. Those sets are combined into one larger set of over 100 cards a couple months later.

Shining Legends is a special set reminiscent of last years Generations, and doesnt have a companion set, so it is smaller than most sets released in the US.

Like Generations, Shining Legends wont be for sale as individual booster packs or as booster boxes. Itll be included in Elite Trainer Boxes (10 boosters packs instead of 8, like Generations) and special collections (normally two boosters and a promo item/card)

Like its name implies, Shining Legends focuses on legendary/mythical Pokemon, including their shiny forms.

Its possible that this set may contain additional cards than those released in Japan.

Shining Legends (Japan) contains 82 cards, including 4 Pokemon-GX as Regular Art, Full Art, Rainbow Rare, and 1 as an Alternate Art/Secret Rare. This set also includes 1 Full Art Supporter card.


  • Entei-GX
  • Raichu-GX
  • Mewtwo-GX (also as an Alternate Art/Secret Rare)
  • Zoroark-GX


  • Pokemon Breeder
  • Hau (reprint)
  • Lillie (reprint)
  • Sophocles (reprint)
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