Sun & Moon: SIX Theme Decks Coming?

Six Theme Decks for Pokemon Sun & Moon!

In yesterdays post, I wrote about the 3 new GX Starter Decks that were leaked, each featuring the starter Pokemon final evolution as a Pokemon GX card. It turns out that these are not the same as the incoming Theme Decks for the Sun & Moon set. Instead, these Pokemon GX Starter Set Decks are the starter decks in the Sun & Moon: Alola Starter Set.

As the Alola Starter Set and the Sun & Moon base set are likely to be released simultaneously, we may have SIX Theme Decks when Sun & Moon launches on February 3, 2017!

Sun & Moon: Alola Starter Set Decks

The Alola Starter Set seems to be similar to the 45-card Kalos Starter Set that gave us three new Theme Decks, each based on the Kalos Starter Pokemon: Chespin, Froakie, and Fennekin.

With the Alola Starter Set, (careful not to use an acronym like KSS, thus its SMA :D), itll instead feature Pokemon GX cards of the three starters final evolutions: Decidueye GX, Incineroar GX, and Primarina GX.

The leaked card images from the GX Alola Starter Set Decks show that theyre from set SMA, an entirely different set than Collection Sun (SM1S) and Collection Moon (SM1M) in Japan.

While the final set name may not be Alola Starter Set, it follows given the existence of the Kalos Starter Set and its three Theme Decks released alongside the XY Base Set (and its two Theme Decks Destruction Rush and Resilient Life, five Theme Decks at once). This all but proves that theyre not the three Theme Decks coming for the Sun & Moon base set.

Each one of these Pokemon GX Starter Set Decks will come with 60 cards from the 59-card SMA set, including 2 copies of the featured Pokemon GX, a playmat, rulebook, special condition markers, a new GX move marker (only one GX move per gamejust like Z Moves in the video game), and a custom coin.

Sun & Moon Base Set Theme Decks

All this is fantastic news, but apparently these GX decks are in addition to the previously announced Theme Decks for the Sun & Moon base set:

  • Forest Shadow (featuring Rowlett)
  • Roaring Heat (featuring Litten)
  • Bright Tide (featuring Popplio)

These base set Theme Decks likely wont include any Pokemon GX, but instead the normal Basic, Stage 1, and Stage 2 Pokemon of the Rowlett, Litten, and Popplio lines.

But Theme Decks?!

While competitive Pokemon TCG and TCG Online players dont normally buy or play Theme Decks, they are still great for collectors and beginners. I still enjoy picking up each of the Theme Decks in the Pokemon TCG Online Shop to add to my collection. After all, theyre only 500 tokens

For players on PTCGO, for each Theme Deck, you get you can play them in the Trainers Challenge 12 times for an additional booster pack. Youll also have more variety if you play in the Theme Format, the best choice for beginners before you build your own competitive decks. Plus you add 60 cards to your collection, some of them are exclusives!

Each Theme Deck includes one or two cards that are exclusive to that deck. As for the Sun & Moon: Alola Starter Set, those Pokemon GX cards will likely be exclusive to their decks, along with every other card in the set.

The Sun & Moon Base Set Theme Decks will each include one or two exclusive cards, usually a Holofoil regular rare and a non-Holo rare that cant be obtained from booster packs or other collections.

What do you Think?

Do you also believe there will be six theme decks from the start of Sun & Moon? What cards are you most excited about?

Do you like that the new Pokemon GX mechanic is likely replacing Pokemon-EX and Mega Evolution?

Whats your favorite starter in Sun & Moon? #TeamPopplio, #TeamLitten, or are you the only member of #TeamRowlett?


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