Theme Deck: Burning Spark (XY-BREAKthrough)

The Burning Spark Theme Deck, along with Night Striker, were released as part of the XY-BREAKthrough set.

Burning Spark focuses on the types LightningFire.

This deck is available in the Pokemon TCG Online Shop for 500 tokens.

The main attackers for this deck are the Lightning-type Raichu and Magnezone. Backup attackers and Support Pokemon include Dedenne, Stunfisk, Braixen, Quilava, Pansear, Dodrio, and Smeargle.

Supporters include Fisherman (x1), Giovanni’s Scheme (x1), Pokemon Center Lady (x1), Pokemon Fan Club (x1), Skyla (x1), Tierno (x1), and Wally (x1).

Other Trainer cards include Professor’s Letter (x2), Reserved Ticket (x1), Super Rod (x1), and Switch (x1).

This deck also includes 10 Lightning Energy and 8 Fire Energy.

Pink Mewtwo Coin

Deck Exclusives

The Rare, Holofoil version of Raichu is exclusive to this deck.

The Rare, non-Holo version of Magnezone is also exclusive to this deck.

Theme Deck: Burning Spark (XY-BREAKthrough) Deck List

Let Sparks Fly!

Run circles around your opponent’s Pokémon with lightning speed, or burn them with a well-placed jet of flame–let loose with the full heat of the Burning Spark theme deck!


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