Theme Deck: Earth’s Pulse (XY-Primal Clash)

The Earth’s Pulse Theme Deck, along with Ocean’s Core, were released as part of the XY-Primal Clash set.

Earth’s Pulse focuses on the types FightingLightning.

Deck Exclusives

Theme Deck: Earth’s Pulse (XY-Primal Clash)

Shake the pillars of the Pokémon world with the Earth’s Pulse theme deck! The Continent Pokémon Groudon leads the charge, breaking ground on a massive scale, while little Linoone rushes your opponent’s Bench with a Dash Attack! Medicham’s Ω Barrage Ancient Trait brings an extra hit every turn, while unexpected allies like Eelektrik and Electrike turn up the voltage with Buzz Flip and Charge! Smash ’em with Fighting, zap ’em with Lightning, and leave your opponent shocked, socked, and pulverized!

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Groudon Fighting Rare Holo
Groudon Fighting Rare
Rhyperior Fighting Rare
Rhydon Fighting Uncommon
Rhyhorn Fighting Common
Medicham Fighting Rare
Meditite Fighting Common
Trapinch Fighting Common
Manectric Lightning Rare
Electrike Lightning Common
Eelektrik Lightning Uncommon
Tynamo Lightning Common
Bibarel Colorless Uncommon
Bidoof Colorless Common
Linoone Colorless Uncommon
Zigzagoon Colorless Common
Acro Bike It Uncommon
Evosoda It Uncommon
Fresh Water Set It Uncommon
Pokémon Center Lady Su Uncommon
Pokémon Fan Club Su Uncommon
Professor’s Letter It Uncommon
Professor Birch’s Observations Su Uncommon
Scorched Earth St Uncommon
Teammates Su Uncommon
Tierno Su Uncommon
12× Fighting Energy Fighting Energy
Lightning Energy Lightning Energy

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