Theme Deck: Mewtwo Mayhem (XY-Evolutions)

The Mewtwo Mayhem Theme Deck, along with Pikachu Power, were released as part of the XY-Evolutions set on November 2, 2016.

Mewtwo Mayhem focuses on the types.

This Theme Deck is available in the Shop for 500 tokens starting on November 2, 2016.

Mewtwo Mayhem Featured Cards

This Deck focuses on the Psychic-type Mewtwo. Backup attackers and Support Pokemon include Nidoking, Haunter, Koffing, Drowzee, Machoke, Dugtrio, Onix, Sandshrew, and Hitmonchan.

Supporters include Pokemon Fan Club (x1), Professor Oaks Hint (x1), and Tierno (x2).

Other Trainers include Energy Retrieval (x1). Great Ball (x1), Poke Ball (x1), Potion (x1), Professors Letter (x2), and Switch (x2).

This deck also includes 9 Psychic Energy and 9 Fighting Energy (retro style).

Expansion: XY-Evolutions

Types Used:

Deck Exclusives

The Rare, Holofoil version of Mewtwo is exclusive to this deck.

The Rare, non-Holo version of Hitmonchan is also exclusive to this deck.

Theme Deck: Mewtwo Mayhem (XY-Evolutions) Deck List

Theme Deck: Mewtwo Mayhem (XY-Evolutions)

(Hover over each card to view the image!)

Update 11/01: Added higher-res images for all cards.

Qty Card Type Rarity
1 Mewtwo
1 Mewtwo
1 Nidoking
2 Nidorino
4 Nidoran♂
2 Haunter
3 Gastly
2 Koffing
2 Drowzee
2 Machoke
2 Machop
1 Dugtrio
2 Diglett
2 Onix
2 Sandshrew
1 Hitmonchan
1 Energy Retrieval It
1 Great Ball It
1 Poke Ball It
1 Pokemon Fan Club Su
1 Potion It
1 Professor Oak’s Hint Su
2 Professor’s Letter It
2 Switch It
2 Tierno Su
9 Psychic Energy Energy
9 Fighting Energy Energy
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