Volcanion-EX Banned in Pokémon TCG Online!

Due to a bug that allowed players to use Volcanion-EXs Volcanic Heat more than they should, Volcanion-EX from XY-Steam Siege has been temporarily banned from play.

According to an official forum post, a pending bug fix is planned for early November, around the launch of XY-Evolutions on November 2. The patch is expected to be included in client version 2.40 (currently on 2.39).

Update: the client version v2.40 is expected to be released on Monday, October 31, 2016.

This means all you Volcanion fans are going to have to wait for about 2 weeks before you can Steam Up your way to easy victory again.

Maybe M Scizor-EX will see a little more play with its mortal enemy out of play

More details to come when more information is available

Until then, how does Volcanion-EX being banned affect you in Pokémon TCG Online? Did you play Volcanion-EX? How about in Xerneas Rainbow Road ?

Drop a comment below!


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